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Second round of Founders

    Next round of 10 founders. Some chose to meet the requirements of the form, but missed the spirit of including the details about their company. These details are being used to help both other founders and funders figure out who to connect with.

    • Ian Bell, Something Simpler
      Series A Complete: Building Series B
      Something Simpler builds rich consumer applications leveraging its unique content matching platform.
    • Mike McDerment, FreshBooks
      gathering steam
      FreshBooks is online invoicing and time tracking for service-oriented professionals.
    • Noah Godfrey & Pema Hegan, GigPark
      GigPark is a place to find services with the help of your friends.
    • Ryan Coleman, Clay Tablet
      Launched w/V2 product. Post-revenue.
      Clay Tablet is an integration platform for connecting content systems to translation providers. We streamline the language translation process.
    • Tom George, DesignAxiom
      In my dreams
      Commodity mobile device (mic,ear,t-screen,wifi); open source Flash OS; net-based Asterisk phone platform: cheap open wifi-based mobile comm
    • Dmitry Buterin, WildApricot
      Great product, revenue growing, now scaling up and fine-tuning
      Integrated website software for groups: clubs, associations, communities. Membership & event management, forum, blog, payments.
    • Boris Mann, Bootup Labs
      Website is up :P
      Bootup Labs helps you quit your day job: we help startups get started.
    • Ron McKenzie, Octopz
      Octopz is an advanced online Collaboration Solution designed specifically to meet the needs of Creative Professionals.
    • John Green, Savvica
      Series-A funded, pre-revenue
      Savvica is an educational technology company aiming to improve education on a global scale by lowering the barriers of entry to e-learning.
    • Ali de Bold & Alex de Bold, ChickAdvisor
      Emerging from Beta
      ChickAdvisor is a social networking website where women can rate and review products and services.