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Family Day – Rescheduling

We’ve had some feedback about hosting Founders & Funders on Feb 15, 2010 (Family Day). And the feedback has been, I love the event, but can you do it on a different day. We like to think this is all about entrepreneur enablement. So if no entrepreneurs show up, it’s pretty hard to do the enablement part.

We are finalizing a new date with the venue. I’m leaning towards Monday, March 1, 2010. I’d like to connect with everyone before SxSWi & Mix.

Once the new date at the venue is finalized, I will begin sending out personal invitations. How do you get an invitation? Step 1 is to let us know┬áthat you are interested. We have begun reviewing applications (and in case you’re curious, we make everyone tell us why they should participate: Founders, Funders, a limited number of Service Providers – Jevon made Jonas and me justify our participation ;-) I am hoping to finalize the venue and date this week, with the first round of invitations sent out by Friday.

David, Jevon & Jonas