This is a small event, it is limited to 90 attendees.

Who are the attendees?

The attendees are founders of high tech, digital media, emerging technology companies. They are usually product or SaaS companies that need capital to grow. Or they are the people that fund these companies. Call them what you want: angels, venture capitalists, government money types.

What is sponsorship?

There are 2 sponsorships available for the next Founders & Funders event:

  1. Founder Support – $2,500
    This sponsorship will reduce the price of the founder tickets.
  2. Wine Upgrade – $5,000
    We all enjoy a great glass of wine. With your help, everyone can enjoy a better glass of wine with dinner. Wine selection will be done by the sponsor.

The sponsorships include:

  • Blog coverage on StartupNorth and Founders & Funders.
  • 125×125 pixel square advertisement on DavidCrow.ca, DemoCamp, and Founders & Funders to run for minimum 3 months.
  • Acknowledgement in the pre-event invitation and post-event follow up messaging to attendees.
  • 3 complimentary tickets to attend Founders & Funders event (approximate $300 value)
  • 3 complimentary tickets to DemoCamp Toronto # 25 & # 26 (approximate $30 value)
  • We’re open to suggestions on how to improve sponsorship. Don’t hesitate to contact us and make a suggestion.

For additional details ping David Crow.

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