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Toronto on Feb 15, 2010

Wow, as I’m writing this, it has been 18 months since the last Founders & Funders in Toronto. There have been a plethora of other events like StartupEmpire, Canadian Innovation Exchange, DemoCamp and others. It’s time we do this again.

Founders & Funders Toronto is booked for Februrary 15, 2010.

How do I attend?

Founders & Funders is by invitation only. We are actively seeking new talent. That means new companies, new startups, new founders, new entrepreneurs. We are looking for new funders. How do I get an invite if I’m new? Well, you should apply to attend.

How much does it cost?

The price is $100/founder, $200/funder and $500/service provider. We’re also looking for separate wine sponsors.

Who is attending?

Details of the funders, founders and everyone else attending will be added shortly. One of the reasons for the changes to the application process is to help gather information to share with attendees. This should be a great social event.