Dinner Menu

Monsoon InteriorWe finalized the menu for Monday night at Monsoon.

Appetizer, choice of:

  • seasonal daily soup
  • baby greens in pappadum cup with yuzu vinaigrette and seedlings

Main course, choice of:

  • organic “firecracker” chicken supreme with azuki forbidden rice and tiger lilly buds
  • beef tenderloin on garlic chive mash and tosa-zu king oyster mushrooms
  • arctic char with wild mushrooms and e-fu longevity noodles
  • vegetarian optionbutternut squash gnocchi


  • monsoon dessert platter – chefs’ daily creation

One thought on “Dinner Menu

  1. Leila Boujnane

    I love the vegetarian option! My goodness gracious it is yummy. My tummy is rumbling and I am salivating as I type. Ooops got to stop drooling on my laptop now!

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