First round of Founders

Founders & Funders is about helping to connect the founders of early-stage, venture fundable web and technology companies with the funding community in Canada. We’ve asked all founders to describe their company and the stage they are current at using a short format.

Name, Company
Please describe your Company if explained in a single twitter post (140 characters max)
If asked to describe what “stage” your startup is at in 10 words or less

You can follow the Tweets at

We’re assembling a great group of founders.

  • Michael Garrity, CommunityLend
    Funded and prepping for Beta Launch
    Peer to Peer Lending Service for Canada
  • George Favvas, SmartHippo
    Public beta; very early revenue
    SmartHippo is the first ever site that uses the power of the community to help people find the best rates and save money. Based in Montreal.
  • Craig Fitzpatrick, DevShop
    A project management application that gets to know the team members’ behavior to predict & insulate projects from risk.
  • Ali Asaria,
    Early-stage Startup is a Canadian online health & beauty store and a leader in the online Canadian retail health market. We’re also super friendly.
  • Scott Brooks & Bernie Aho, ConceptShare
    Growth Phase poised for expansion.
    ConceptShare has developed a web application that allows users to easily share, discuss and mark-up designs for review over the web.
  • Kevin Thomason & Ilya Grigorik, AideRSS
    An early stage ready to dominate the RSS filtering market
    AideRSS helps you breakthrough RSS information overload and read what matters.
  • Stephen Benson, Innovation Exchange
    revenue generating
    IX is a platform corporations use to accelerate their ability to innovate by connecting them with a Global Community of innovative thinkers.
  • Sandy Ward, HomeZilla
    HomeZilla is a one-stop shop for home buyers and agents to find neighbourhood information about a home.
  • Chris Ragobeer, Nametaggs
    Beta and Unfunded
    Nametaggs is a social media service that allows people with a domain name registered with their name on it to promote their content.
  • Christopher Golda, IPartee
    IPartee provides the tools to plan, publish and promote events. Find events and venues you and your friends want to attend.
  • Ross Bennet, SlashID
    Beta launch, boot strapped, looking for Angel investment
    SlashID will increase the number of registrations your website receives, to improve your business.Solves the identity problem for your users

4 thoughts on “First round of Founders

  1. Chris Ragobeer

    The venture community is alive and The organization is having a great event on Monday January 21, 2008. The venue is located at Monsoon Restuarant, and seems pretty upscale for the typical startup person. I’ll have to check the HomeZilla‘s around the place to see what type of area it is.

    IPartee all the time, and can’t wait to come out to the event. There will be a lot of interesting people there. My first question is, will people be wearing Nametaggs? I hope everyone finds it easy to meet,greet, and share their ideas with everyone!

    It will be great to see the CommunityLend a hand and hopefully see value in the startups at the event. Who knows one founder might be a SmartHippo and cut a great deal.

    I wonder where everyone comes from. Do the founders hail from the Corporate world, are they serial entrepreneurs, the Slashid Unix type or do they come from the local Devshop?

    The InnovationExchange that is set to take place between the entrepreneurs/CEOs and investors that night will bring new light to ConceptShare and a heck of a lot of nerdy chatter.

    I anticipate this being a great event and rave reviews coming to my aideRSS. Hope to see many people come out!!

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