Founders and Funders – Toronto

Founders and Funders Jevon MacDonald and David Crow are pleased to be hosting the first Founders & Funders dinner in Toronto. We heard about the success in Montreal with the first dinner hosted by Austin Hill and Patrick Lauzon, and figured that this needs to happen in Toronto.

Founders & Funders – Toronto
A evening of socializing and dinner for entrepreneurs, angel investors and venture capitalists
January 21, 2008
$75/person – Limited to 75 attendees
Private 3 course dinner at Monsoon Restaurant

There has been a lot of discussion about the needs of entrepreneurs in Toronto, Montreal, Vancouver and Canada. It has been summarized very well, as,

“you only need two kinds of people to create a technology hub: rich people and nerds” – Paul Graham

This is our community-driven attempt to bring together the people who start tech companies and the people who fund tech companies in Toronto in a engaging, social environment.

There has been a buzz of activity in the web 2.0 community in Toronto. DemoCamp. StartupCamp. CaseCamp. TransitCamp. We often hear about a successful entrepreneur or an interesting startup, but it is incredibly difficult to find time to attend all the events and meet all the interesting people. The inaugural Founders & Funders Dinner Toronto is an effort to bring together the nerds and people with money in Toronto.

Interested in attending?

We’re looking for founders, entrepreneurs, angel investors, venture capitalists and others.

Contact us for an invitation – space pending, of course.

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